Fully customised powered wheelchairs

As DIETZ Power wheelchairs are modular in design and offer a whole range of options, standard components go a long way towards meeting needs in the majority of cases. If, however, an individual user still requires any additional adaptations, our wheelchairs can be customised to order.

In the 35 years since the DIETZ Power developers have been working in this field, they have received numerous special requests. These often come from users who, due to their particular disability, require special controls or need unusual functionality or adaptations to be made to their wheelchair because of their work. Each day, a separate department within the company works on such special adaptations. The people in our adaptations team are all experts who know our standard products through and through, and therefore also know where space makes an adaptation possible. These ‘inventors’ do not give up until they find a safe and practicable solution. Standard components often form the basis for such solutions (due to cost and maintenance considerations), but special parts are also manufactured on a daily basis.

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