Masterpiece of Empathy

Passion combined with many years of experience provides the force behind the DIETZ Power team as it works to optimise the quality of life of people with reduced mobility. DIETZ Power is highly successful in combining functionality with modularity. This means it can supply wheelchairs for any type of user and any environment, and that each one is fully adjustable in terms of both functionality and comfort, right down to the last detail. At the same time, the wheelchair’s design is always in perfect balance.
If no suitable solution can be built using standard components, DIETZ Power provides specials – customised products created by our specialists.

The three drive types

The SANGO advanced SEGO is available in front-wheel (FWD), rear-wheel (RWD) and also mid-wheel (MWD) drive versions. Each of these offers its own advantages for different users. Thanks to the thoughtfully designed SEGO seating system (which includes a whole array of options) and also its perfect suspension and roadholding, the SANGO offers users optimum comfort.

The Front-Wheel Drive SANGO combines a compact chassis for tight turning for indoor environments with large drive wheels at the front to overcome larger obstacles when outdoors.

The Mid-Wheel Drive SANGO, as you might expect, offers the best of both worlds. This is a wheelchair offering steady steering and stability, along with an agreeably small turning circle.

The Rear-Wheel Drive SANGO offers particular advantages when driving takes place outdoors and across various terrains. This wheelchair steers extremely steadily, even at high speeds. The rear-wheel drive can be fitted with sprung front forks for even more comfort.