SANGO advanced

The ergonomic assistant for perfect everyday comfort

The SANGO advanced with SEGO was the first powered wheelchair developed by DIETZ Power and forms the basis for the whole SANGO range. The customers played a significant role in the development of the SANGO. All of their input, along with the many years of experience the DIETZ Power developers have, is reflected in the resulting design of the SANGO.

Product features

  • Possible with SEGO or with SEGO junior
  • Available as FWD, RWD or MWD
  • Minimum seat height of 39 cm, even with powered adjustments
  • Extremely maintenance friendly; replacing parts is simple, as they are all easily accessible
  • Superbly easy access to electronics
  • High level of comfort, ease of use, reliability and manoeuvrability
  • Constructed in a straightforward and robust way, and its carefully designed structure makes it exceptionally stable

Crash tested according to ISO 7176-19, approved for passenger transport in a vehicle.

SANGO advanced SEGO

Depending on what the wheelchair will be used for, the environment involved and any individual requirements, a rear-wheel drive (RWD), mid-wheel drive (MWD) or front-wheel drive (FWD) base unit can be selected. The base units are optimally sprung for comfort. If required, the castor forks in the RWD and FWD models can also be fitted with additional suspension.

As the SANGO advanced can be made with a seating height of just 39 cm (even with a powered adjustment), it is an ideal wheelchair for using in a car. When indoors, the wheelchair easily fits under worktops and tables.

SANGO advanced SEGO junior

Some children also have to cope with reduced mobility. DIETZ Power tries to alleviate any inconvenience as much as it can by providing a powered wheelchair offering comfort and excellent driving characteristics – in other words, through the SANGO advanced SEGO junior.

Because of the use of the SANGO advanced frame this wheelchair has all features like the regular wheelchair with SEGO, though the SEGO junior includes very narrow seats and backrests, along with various seating supports. That’s why the SEGO junior seating system is ideal for users who do not weight very much (up to 75 kg), with a much more slender build or for younger users.

When being used indoors, a powered wheelchair has to be as slim as possible, making overall access easy. With this in mind, DIETZ Power’s developers set to work to discover how narrow they could make the SANGO. The result is the ultra-slim SANGO slimline; with 12″ drive wheels AND 60 Ah batteries still a frame width of 51-cm!