The SANGO advanced’s cool big brother!

Obesity is a relatively common phenomenon among wheelchair users and, of course, this is hardly surprising. As wheelchair users get little exercise, gaining weight is always a risk. Some wheelchair users also first become reliant on a wheelchair due to their excess weight and the associated strain on muscles and joints.

DIETZ Power has therefore developed a powered wheelchair with front-wheel drive, specially for people weighing up to 250 kg. This very sturdily constructed and extremely reliable SANGO xxl wheelchair combines excellent driving characteristics with optimum manoeuvrability.

Product features

  • Available as FWD
  • User weight up to 250 kg
  • 76 Ah or 100 Ah batteries
  • Several powered adjustments possible


This powered wheelchair with front-wheel drive is very strongly built and offers reliability. It combines excellent driving characteristics with optimum manoeuvrability and great performance outdoors.
In addition to all of this, users of the SANGO xxl can opt for powered adjustments (such as a back adjustment, tilt adjustment, seat lift and the “Catapult” seat) up to the maximum user weight – something that other models on the market do not offer.

The SANGO xxl features a specially designed wide frame, sturdier driving motors, heavy-duty suspension, reinforced wheels, and the option of 100 Ah battery capacity. The SANGO xxl offers people weighing up to 250 kg renewed mobility.

DIETZ Power has opted to fit these wheelchairs for heavier users with front-wheel drive. This works best in practice, as the centre of gravity is often further forwards. To make getting up easier, the SANGO xxl can be fitted with an optional ‘Catapult’ mechanism to support the user.