SANGO junior

The SANGO advanced’s little sister!

Junior seating with adult qualities. One of the fundamental challenges in designing a wheelchair is ergonomic seating and positioning. The SEGO junior seating system is very comfortable and can be made to fit a smaller body precisely. A multitude of seat and backrest cushions are available to counteract a wide range of symptoms.

Product features

  • Possible on SANGO advanced or SANGO slimline
  • Available as FWD (advanced), RWD or MWD
  • Selection of standard & bespoke chassis colours
  • Full range of powered adjustments
  • Individually programmable controls

Crash test according to ISO 7176-19, approved for passenger transport in a vehicle.

SANGO advanced SEGO junior

Some children also have to cope with reduced mobility. DIETZ Power tries to alleviate any inconvenience as much as it can by providing a powered wheelchair offering comfort and excellent driving characteristics – in other words, through the SANGO advanced SEGO junior.

Because of the use of the SANGO advanced frame this wheelchair has all features like the regular wheelchair with SEGO comfort, though the SEGO junior includes very narrow seats and backrests, along with various seating supports. That’s why the SEGO junior seating system is ideal for users who do not weight very much (up to 75 kg), with a much more slender build or for younger users.

SANGO slimline SEGO junior

DIETZ Power has also developed a slimline version specially for young users; the SANGO slimline SEGO junior. The SEGO junior seating system includes very narrow seats and backrests, along with various seating supports. By combining these with the slimline chassis, seating supports can be adjusted to be ultra-narrow. This means that light, slender users are provided with sufficient support. In addition, the wheelchair’s powered adjustments are ideal for allowing to grow with its user.