SEGO Seating system

Premium technology with comfort

Comfort is incredibly important! That is why the SANGO is fitted with the SEGO seating system, which provides excellent support for the torso, head, arms and legs. The SEGO seating systems and support elements provide the very best comfort under any conditions. And it goes without saying that the materials used are of the highest quality. As the seating system is so easy to adjust to size, it can also easily be reused further down the line.

The seating systems are ideal for mounting segmented, foam carve and other specialist seating solutions.

SEGO versions

The SEGO seating system is available in the versions: SEGO , SEGO junior and SEGO xxl.
If the user requires seating comfort and stability then the SEGO seating system will be the perfect choice. They comprise a range of seat and back cushions, along with accessories for additional support. SEGO provides the perfect solution for adult wheelchair users. SEGO junior is ideal for younger users. SEGO xxl provides additional space and offers a higher weight capacity and increased stability.

Comfort is not something to be achieved merely by selecting the right seating elements, support accessories and adjustment options; the correct adjustment of the seating system is actually where it all starts. The SEGO seating system has been very carefully thought out and makes it possible for rehabilitation professionals to accurately adjust the seating to individual users, right down to the last millimetre.

The SEGO seating system: setting the benchmark for comfort.