SANGO slimline

The SANGO advanced’s svelte sister!

In situations that make using a standard-sized wheelchair difficult or perhaps even impossible (when encountering narrow lifts, door openings or pads), the SANGO slimline offers the solution. Although there are several wheelchairs on the market that can cope with such problems, battery capacity is often the compromise that users will be asked to make. But not where the SANGO slimline is concerned, as it is fitted with 60 Ah batteries.

Due to the modularity of the SANGO range of wheelchairs, every component on top of the base drive unit is identical to the SANGO advanced.

Product features

  • Possible with SEGO or with SEGO junior seating
  • Available as MWD
  • MWD in 6 or 10 km/h
  • Ultra compact chassis, total width 53 cm, even with 14″ wheels!
  • Extra low seat height
  • Long range thanks to 60Ah Super Cycle batteries
  • MWD extremely small turning circle, this means ultimate freedom and convenience

Crash tested according to ISO 7176-19, approved for passenger transport in a vehicle.

SANGO slimline SEGO

To come up with a design that was even more slim than the SANGO advanced SEGO, DIETZ Power developers went a very long way. They even managed to reduce the width of the frame without it affecting the wheelchair’s handling, stability and technical possibilities. The SANGO slimline SEGO is just 41 cm high, which makes it still easy to slide under worktops and tables.

SANGO slimline SEGO junior

DIETZ Power has also developed a slimline version specially for young users. Users who do not weigh very much are often of a much more slender build too. In such cases, standard wheelchairs offer insufficient support. The SANGO slimline SEGO junior (up to 75 kg) may then be the ideal solution. The SEGO junior seating system includes very narrow seats and backrests, along with various seating supports.